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This section focuses on research conducted by individuals affiliated with the Victims and the Media Program at Michigan State University. Please also contact us with information on research conducted elsewhere that contributes to our understanding of the issues.


TV coverage of victims in three Michigan markets - Sue Carter, former director of the Victims and the Media Program and current co-chair of the Victims and the Media Faculty Advisory Committee


Covering Violence - by William Coté and Roger Simpson

Amid escalating criticism of the media´s coverage of violence, here is the first comprehensive guide for students and working journalists on how to deal with victims and their families with sensitivity and respect. Discussing such topics as rape and the ethics of interviewing children, and using the Oklahoma City bombing as a case study, the book relates journalistic practices to the rapidly expanding body of literature on trauma and surveys current debates concerning victims´ rights. The book presents innovative ways of interviewing and photographing victims and also helps journalists deal with the effects of frequent exposure to trauma in their own lives. Profiles of journalists whose work exemplifies responsible and sensitive coverage of tragic events, including Rick Bragg, Scott North, Jeff Gradney, Lynn Dobson, and Debra McKinney, demonstrate that compassionate reporting need not preclude "getting the story."

William Coté is professor of journalism at Michigan State University, where he co-founded the Victims and Media Program in 1991 and remains co-chair of the Victims and the Media Faculty Advisory Committee. Roger Simpson is professor of communications and director of the Journalism and Trauma Program at the University of Washington. He has been a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and the Detroit Free Press