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Reporting on victims of violence and catastrophe

This 38-minute videotape, produced in 1999 with funding from the Freedom Forum, is divided into three sections: issues and challenges; tips and techniques; the impact on the journalist. It is designed for use in news organizations, the classroom and the community. Each section can be aired separately, to provoke discussion and debate. The videotape comes with an instructor's guide. Cost is $25 per copy. Call Linda Hartwig at 517.353.6430 to place your order. To view the video online, click on the following links:

- Issues and Challenges
- Tips & Techniques
- The Impact on the Journalist

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The Victims and the Media Series

The series and companion instructor's guide was produced in 1992 with funding from the Dart Foundation of Mason, Mich. Individual hour-long tapes are $60 each (the tape on PTSD is $20) by calling Michigan State University's Instructional Media Center at 517.353.9229 (please ask for Brenda).

  • Covering a rape victim (60 minutes)
  • Covering a murder victim's family (60 minutes)
  • Covering Gulf War refugees (60 minutes)
  • Frank Ochberg, M.D., on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (20 minutes)