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Partnerships and programs

The Victims and the Media Program has developed partnerships with news organizations an individual reporters with specific experience in covering victims and mass tragedies:

  • Oklahoma City Bombing - Funding from the Freedom Forum allowed us to bring reporters from the Daily Oklahoman to campus to appear in journalism classes. Managing editor Joe Hight and reporters Penny Owen and xxxxxxx.
  • Columbine - Reporter Andrew Guy, Jr., of the Denver Post appeared in classes during fall semester 2000 to discuss his reporting on Columbine and the Michael Shoels family. He also participated in a discussion of "Victims and Diversity," a special presentation offered during the fall meeting of the Victims and the Media Community Advisory Council meeting at MSU's Kellogg Center.
  • Urban Crime Coverage - Joe Swickard of the Detroit Free Press will spend six weeks on campus during spring semester 2001 as part of the new fellowship program between the J-School and the newspaper. Swickard will focus on in-class presentations and research on issues concerning victimization and crime coverage.