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Media Coverage and Victims of Violence
including The Lessons of Katrina
part of Michigan State University's Academic Convocation - September 2005
"Creating a More Civil Society"

Joe Swickard - Detroit Free Press
Joe Swickard
Detroit Free Press
Heather Boyer - Crime Victims Advocacy Council
Heather Boyer
Dr. Carl S. Taylor - Michigan State University
Dr. Carl S. Taylor
Anne Seymour - Justice Solutions
Anne Seymour
Justice Solutions

The Victims and the Media Program at Michigan State University's School of Journalism has hosted a series of panels for the past four years since 9/11 on how the media reports on various victims (see below). This year's program was developed in conjunction with Michigan State University's Academic Convocation, as part of its Sesquicentennial celebration.

Between planning for the convocation and the event itself, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast. Our distinguished panel integrated the lessons of Katrina into its exploration of Media Coverage and Victims of Violence.

Previous symposia:

Dr. Stephen Lacy - Michigan State University
Dr. Stephen Lacy

Suggestions for reporters on dealing with the trauma of covering mass disasters such as Hurricane Katrina